Hand Forged® Lucky Horseshoe Ball Mark - Steel


Ship Date: Ships in 1-2 Business Days


The Lucky Horseshoe Ball Mark is built to bring a little good fortune to your game. Designed after the first iron horseshoes that were forged in Europe by farriers as early as 910 AD. The tradition of hanging horseshoes for good luck comes from a numerous cultures, though the most striking story is of Saint Dunstan who reportedly shoed the devil himself and forced him to promise to never enter another household with a horseshoe above the door. Each ball mark is crafted from high-quality steel that is die-cut and then hand-hammered by our Portland-local, second-generation blacksmith. 


No personalization available on this ball mark.


Pairs well with one of our premium leather Ball Mark Holders, available in three bold colors. 


Below is a film on our related Pitch Mark tool, which is made in the same manner.