CADDIE Magazine - Volume. 5

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The Sandbelt Edition Featuring cover artwork by David Baysden. If you haven't seen our story of the custom headcover collaboration he did for us check it out here. It’s a triangle, a corridor, a belt, a region, a destination, and an icon. Few, if any, in the golfing world have come far into th...
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The Confidential Guide to Golf Course Bourbon

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At Seamus Golf, we believe in a mantra that drives our passionate maker culture: To make something special for someone else, make it for yourself first. Try it out, use it extensively, and find ways to make it better. Our custom flasks are (gladly) no different in this regard, making their way t...
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The game of golf originated among shepherds who honed their skill among the sheep and goats they cared for. Over the years many of these fledgling golfers used their goats to help carry their clubs through difficult terrain. To honor this early tradition we teamed up with our friends, Bruce and ...
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The Story Behind Mr. Kuchar's Head Covers

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Here in Oregon, we have a little bit of time on our hands in the winter, and that is the case for our dear friends at Rock Creek Country Club, the place we learned to love the game in our youth right here just west of Portland. Quite possible the best quality Holiday songs, sang with golf-inspire...
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