Ordering and Product Details


We currently offer four golf club head cover products designed to fit every style of club in the bag with the exception of the putter, for which we ask you to contact us for fit as there are numerous putter sizes and shapes.  In this section, we will begin with showing photos of the various sizes, followed by a detailed fit guide for selecting your covers.

Below, in the photo we have shown the Houndstooth small hybrid on the top, with followed by large hybrid, fairway cover, and the driver at the bottom.  You can see that the Small Hybrid is significantly smaller than the large hybrid and fairway covers (which have the same diameter opening.

Below is the Anderson Modern, one of our most popular tartans ever made available.  The farthest left features the Driver Cover, with a 6 inch in diameter opening, a fairway cover in the center (4.5 inch opening) and the small hybrid on the right, which has a smaller 3.25 inch opening.

Below is the Modern Dress Stewart, with a similar configuration, only in this picture we have included the large hybrid which has a same sized opening as the middle fairway cover.


Driver Cover (1-Wood): The Driver cover is designed to fit all 460 cc drivers on the market today.  Our first iteration was a bit smaller, but the size has now been widened to accommodate even the largest (widest) conforming drivers on the market.  If the driver was purchased within the last 10 years, this cover will fit excellent.  There are smaller drivers that were offered in years prior, and for those we suggest dropping us a note at info@seamusgolf.com to confirm sizing.  The opening is roughly 6 inches wide in diameter and 12 inches tall.  The top is tapered to allow for a nice straight fit.  This 'can style' cover is long enough to have the bottom of the cover meet where the top of the bag begins.  An elastic lining ensures that the cover stays on nicely, and isn't too tight to keep the player from using the cover one handed.  For the Driver, we have added a third lining for extra protection and form holding.

Fairway Cover (2, 3, 4, 5, 7, & 9 Woods): The fairway cover was our first product ever designed or made available on the market.  It fits every fairway wood we have come across.  Additionally, for those purists still carrying the old persimmon woods, this product is highly suitable.  The cover is 10 inches tall and maintains a 4.5 inch diameter opening.  The shell is of a high quality wool, with a durable fleece lining and integrated elastic band.  Some of the newer larger sized hybrids will fit in this cover, and if you should have plans of using this style for that purpose, it might be wise to drop us a quick e-mail to check and make sure the fit will be right.

Large Hybrid Cover: The large hybrid cover will adequately fit every hybrid we have encountered on the market today.  RBZ Hybrids, Titleist Hybrids, and others that now have a shape that is closer to the fairway woods of the past will fit nicely in this cover.  Most manufacturers denote these clubs with an 'H' in some fashion.  The opening for this cover is the same as the fairway at 4.5 inches, and is slightly shorter at 9 inches tall.  It also has an elastic lining to ensure an appropriate fit.  The style is slightly different, with one seam that goes around the edge.  On the back, we have matched the plaids at the seam.  This process requires hand cutting and precise measurements, however we really like the bias look from the back.  A feature only the most scrutinizing eye might notice.  

The large hybrid (left) and the small hybrid (right)

Small Hybrid Cover: The small hybrid cover will fit some putters such as the blade-style putter photographed below.  It also fits certain heel-toe putters, and ofcourse the smaller hybrids that were manufactured prior to 2010.  There are also numerous newer hybrids that still maintain the smaller sizing, including some offered by Adams.  For any fit questions, we strongly suggest contacting us directly.


Each cover we offer is made from scratch when you order.  We offer the option to add a $10 custom leather label with any scripting of your choice.  Many chose this option to add numbers, initials, nick names, or even high quality digitized logos.  The leather we use for the leather labels is 100% Vegetable - Tanned and is sourced locally from Eastern Oregon.  Because of the natural tanning process, the leather will age and tan through use like a finely crafted saddle.  While the above photographs depict a lighter color of leather, after use the leather will tan (see example below) to show how much the golfer is really getting out to play.


We are continuously changing our offerings as new products and styles come available.  Clan tartans are sourced from Scotland, and if you do not see your tartan on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at info@seamusgolf.com.  We now offer a 5 cover minimum for these types of orders.  For those not committed to clan-specific tartans, we suggest trying to mix your patterns as that allows the golfer to distinguish each club without looking to the custom leather labels.  See below, there is no reason to commit to just one pattern for all your covers!



For orders with logos, we engrave images in greyscale onto vegetable tanned leather from the USA.  This offers advantages over embroidery, in that the leather contrasts nicely with all of our patterns, and the leather will tan nicely through use on the golf course and exposure to the sun.  Turnaround time is about a week for a sample, and we have an evolving list of head cover fabric patterns (plaids, tweeds & tartans) available.  

Custom clan-specific covers are now available upon request with certain minimum quantity restrictions.  Discounts are available for orders in excess of 20 covers, and wholesale pricing is available upon request.

Please inquire at info@seamusgolf.com or call our shop at 503-526-9048.