The BenRiach is a provincial Shetland tweed in a muted gray-green mixture of luggage brown, teal, and stone gray. Classic with a large windowpane pattern woven in dark green, this... Learn More

Desert Marigold

The Desert Marigold features cascading, retro-style circles popping with individualistic colors and designs. Funky with just the right amount of upscale shine, this product is made of a cotton/nylon/polyester blend that... Learn More

Golden Bower

The Golden Bower features solid and outlined leaves in rugged tan overlaid on a palm backdrop. Perfect for the modern arborist, the accenting colors stoke memories of crisp late fall... Learn More

Royal Lochnagar

The Royal Lochnagar blends greys, blues, and greens to create Shetland provincial tweed with a muted teal with light herringbone patterning. Strong and durable, this fabric traces its lineage back to the... Learn More

Tangled Lasso

The Tangled Lasso features multiple loops in marled grey creating a geometric floral pattern. Smooth curves intertwine over muted turquoise to create a modern and subdued accent to match with some... Learn More

The Bear

Big, bold, and bio-friendly to boot. The Bear consists of both rapidly renewable wool and recycled jute from hessian cloth sacks previously used to bring cocoa and coffee out of the... Learn More

The Gatsby

"The Gatsby" is bold with a Michael Weiss design borrowed from modern furniture. Clean cream lines build and bend to create a pattern reminiscent of the airy luxury of Palm Beach breeze blocks. Marrying... Learn More


The Tomintoul is a Shetland provincial tweed featuring a prominent herringbone weave in an earthy blend of emerald, blue, and gray-tan wool. This durable head cover comes with a sky... Learn More