Donegal Tweeds

Donegal Tweed Patchwork Headcover

The story on our donegal tweed collection goes far beyond just fine materials and high quality construction. Our founders took a trip to Ireland, to the land of County Donegal... Learn More

Rathlin O'Birne Donegal Tweed

A small-scale herringbone in sand and ivory, the Rathlin O'Birne Donegal Tweed was discovered while travelling through Ireland. Similar in pattern to our Charcoal Tweed, the Rathlin features a light,... Learn More

Owenea Donegal Tweed

Found on our recent trip to County Donegal, the Owenea Donegal Tweed is a small-scale herringbone tweed featuring hues of orange and burgundy with heathered pops of black, gold, and crimson. Similar in... Learn More