Donegal Tweeds

Donegal Tweed Patchwork Driver

The Donegal Tweed Patchwork is our first ever ALL-WOOL lined head cover featuring a variety of tweeds we hand-selected while traveling in County Donegal, Ireland with Natural Melton Wool interior lining. The... Learn More

Rathlin O'Birne Donegal Tweed

A small-scale herringbone in sand and ivory, the Rathlin O'Birne Donegal Tweed was discovered while travelling through Ireland. Similar in pattern to our Charcoal Tweed, the Rathlin features a light,... Learn More

Tullymore Donegal Tweed

The Tullymore Donegal Tweed is a classic, plain-weave tweed in orange and gray with a heather finish adding pops of ivory, tan, and sky blue. Hand-selected from our recent trip to County Donegal, the tweed is... Learn More

Owenea Donegal Tweed

Found on our recent trip to County Donegal, the Owenea Donegal Tweed is a small-scale herringbone tweed featuring hues of orange and burgundy with heathered pops of black, gold, and crimson. Similar in... Learn More

Scraigs Donegal Tweed

Hand-selected on our recent trip to County Donegal, the Scraigs Donegal Tweed is a vibrant, exploded-herringbone tweed featuring varying hues of brown, blue, and green. Utterly one-of-a-kind, this old-style fabric evokes... Learn More

Losset Donegal Tweed

The Losset Donegal Tweed is a subtle herringbone in muted crimson that was hand-picked from a mill we visited on our recent journey to Ireland. Bright without too much flash, the... Learn More
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Killygordon Donegal Tweed

The Killygordon Donegal Tweed, which was hand-selected on our trip to Ireland, is a large-scale herringbone in classic black and white. The historied herringbone pattern makes this the perfect addition... Learn More

Culdaff Donegal Tweed

The Culdaff Donegal Tweed features a muted plaid in ivory and light grey and was specially selected while on our trip to Ireland. The muted colors in the cover come together... Learn More