The Driver

Our original fairway cover started our mission of adding nostalgic style to the bag with wool.  Shortly thereafter, we got to work on the solution for the hybrid and the result was a stunning cover that also fit certain flat-stick putters, including the widely-loved “8802 style” blade putter.  This particular cover is enjoyed by many and made it’s debut at the opening of The Preserve, a wondrous 13 hole par 3 course at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort on May 1, 2012.  The hybrid cover fits most all hybrids, with the exception of the larger hybrids like the RBZ, for which we can make custom solutions on request at no additional cost.

Our first project included spending countless hours on the solution to stylistically covering the beast of the golf bag.  When using enough fabric to make a bag to fit a large driver head, we learned quickly that it wasn’t going to work without some serious modifications.  

Over 20 prototypes were drafted, with some including dart-style stitching patterns, essentially a secret to slimming the look and appearance in a method commonly applied to a dress.  All of the techniques and time-honored methods of reducing profile were applied in the design of our newest and highly favored driver cover.  The result?  We are so excited to write to you about the results of our labors.

With our newest addition, the timeless and perfect solution for covering for the driver, we made it work within our minimalist covenants:

· Single-handed use

· Full shaft and head protection

· An elastic lining attached perfectly to the fleece lining, so as to ensure the best usability for the enthusiast golfer.  The cover will never fall off, and will be easy to use, so always the perfect amount of elasticity.

· A pop-color fleece lining designed to complement the understated colorways of the 100% woolen shell.

Our driver cover is a can-style cover, not far off from our fairway solution, however it adds a fuseable lining and a number design modifications to ensure a perfect fit, additional protection, and ensured fit on all the modern day 460CC drivers and even their smaller predecessors.  After testing these covers for over 1 year, we have learned that not only do they hold the natural shape, but the wool shell does not fade with continued use in direct sunlight.  The 100% wool is milled and designed to withstand the harshest of use.

The driver cover is available through ordering in our shop on all of the patterns currently available.  Each order is custom made by our fantastic team of sewers and ships in about a week.

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