Care Guide

General tips to keep your head covers nice:

If your head cover gets wet, try to hang or lay flat to dry as soon as you can. Also try balls of crumpled paper (such as newspaper) in them to absorb moisture.

A leather conditioner can be used to protect and restore leather covers.

Do not fully wash leather or waxed canvas covers.

Alwaystest cleaning methods in an inconspicuous area if possible, before attempting to clean & remove spots & stains.

Washing Head Covers

Waxed Canvas

Water only! You may try with a very mild detergent or baby wipe, but be sure to test before. Soap will likely wear down the wax coating.


LIGHTLY dab with a baby wipe at the spot. There are also a variety of leather-specific cleaning agents that may be worth a try.

Canvas, Wool, Tartans

Use a mixture of mild soap and warm water and brush gently in a circle with a soft-bristled brush or dab gently with a soft cotton cloth. If this does not get the spot out, use a mild detergent and spot clean again. Note: We recommend performing a test in a hidden place to ensure the detergent will not alter the color of the fabric.

Synthetics (Ballistic/Corduras)

Try using a mild detergent and warm water similar to Canvas, Wool, and Tartans; however, these materials may be fine with the use of stronger soaps and detergents. A stain remover can be used to treat spots. As always, test in an inconspicuous area before use.

Removing Odors

Most odor smells

A mixture of vodka and water in a spray bottle, sprayed on and laid flat to dry, can often remove odor.

For mildew smell

Soak in a lukewarm water, mild detergent or soap, and vinegar mixture for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and lay flat to dry.