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Our Story

Every golfer is unique. Not only do you have your own style of playing the game but also your own style on the course. When we set foot on the links back in 2011, between the collared shirts and pleated khakis, it was tough to show any personal style. With such tightly monitored dress codes we decided to add some flavor to your bag. We started crafting unique head covers that helped you and your clubs stand out with your own personal style.

We are Seamus Golf. A family-owned group of like-minded artisans drawn together to craft products that connect golfers to the game. As we enter year 12, we continue as a Women and Minority owned independent company crafting all of our products by hand. Our founders, Megan and Akbar Chisti, are determined to continue creating trendsetting golf accessories while staying true to the authentic spirit of the sport.

About Us

I started Seamus Golf out of the garage with my wife Megan Chisti in 2011. She was a women's wear designer who grew up loving nature and reading rivers while guiding her family's raft down some of the more challenging stretches of white water in the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in a Pakistani - American family who raised me on the best spicy foods and embraced my love of golf from an early age. My dad had bought me a head cover from Royal Troon while I was a caddie at Bandon Dunes in college. The friends I golfed with thought it was awesome. When it began to fall apart after some wear and tear, Megan went in to fix it and decided we could do something better. She played with some designs, we spent late nights discussing ideas, and finally we had something to share with our friends. In the beginning, each head cover was made of select fabric remnants from Megan's former employer, Pendleton Woolen Mills. They eventually became partners with us, permitting us to sell and market Pendleton headcovers on an exclusive basis from that point on in the golf market. One of our early samples ended up in the hands of a good friend I had worked with at Bandon Dunes. As luck would have it, that head cover continued to draw attention on and off the links, and Bandon Dunes ended up booking our very first order. Megan proceeded to quit her job shortly thereafter, while I maintained my Controller gig for a real estate developer for a few years. It became evident we’d have to sell a heck of a lot more head covers if we were going to make it. Our first PGA Show was in 2012, where I booked meetings all over the floor and showed our headcovers to anybody that would take a look. We didn’t have a plan to do much other than connect with as many folks as possible. It was at this show that we met a few great buyers that are still with us today. One key interaction led to the presentation of our product in the June 2012 print issue of Golf Digest. Our success since then is a direct measurement of our ability to connect with golfers through our product. Since the beginning, every product we make is meant to tell its own story. Whether it’s the U.S. Open, The Masters, or a number of custom projects we’ve pursued for some of the most influential and inspirational people, our company stands to partner with our golfers, and give them a way to represent and connect with others. We are proud and grateful to our Makers and Administrative staff who work tirelessly together to overcome the challenges of small business in the modern era. We are grateful to our partners, customers, and vendors who have combined together to embrace and permit us to become the most sought-after accessory maker in golf.

Far and Sure,
Akbar Chisti, CEO + Founder

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