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Día de Los Muertos // Vanessa Vigil

Vanessa Vigil has been with Seamus for 2 years as our in-house Product/Design Associate. She is an integral part of the team and often times the artist behind many of the Seamus pieces that roll out the door. Below is what she had to say about Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), her heritage, and the artwork she produced for this beautiful limited-release driver cover.
"Growing up being Mexican-American, a common Spanish phrase that was used was “somos de aquí somos de allá” meaning we’re not from here, we’re not from there. This was always a phrase that left me questioning and wondering. I realized this feeling wasn’t only mine but rather a recurring feeling throughout history and present day. The word Chicanx at a time was used in a more derogatory way to describe Mexican-Americans, but throughout history, it has been embraced as a word describing an identity of being “in-between” cultures. Yes, I’m from two different cultures, but that doesn’t mean I’m less of either one. I had to reconnect with my roots and fell in love with what Mexican culture is and took pride in knowing that this is my heritage. I honor my Mexican culture the best way I know how, through my art. In my art, I incorporate Chicanx imagery and symbolism to communicate feelings of ethnic pride and unity. My art is a visual representation of my identity and mi gente (my people).Sewamus Goat Dia de los Muertos Artwork Process
By embracing my culture, I dug deeper into the history and what it has to offer. With that came the beautiful celebration of Día de los Muertos. This celebration is so unique to Mexican culture. It is a time of honoring and recognizing past loved ones. Death is seen as something that is surrounded with fear, but rather in Mexican culture, it is something not to worry about because you are never forgotten and always remembered. When creating this head cover, I gained inspiration from typical symbolism used throughout the Day of the Dead. Sugar Skulls are spotted everywhere and I wanted that to be the center point of this design. Mexican folk art is commonly displayed on Sugar Skulls and is inspired by natural and supernatural worlds that correlate with the meaning of the Day of the Dead. I wanted to ensure I used Mexican folk art in my design because it’s irrespective and has no boundaries. I put my cumbia music on and went with the flow. I used vivid colors and linework to execute this design. Embroidery is a traditional art form in Mexico and it only felt right for that to be the main logo application. This is a representation of pride, honor, and recognition. Golf is for everyone, and this allows you to share a part of a culture on the course for everyone to see."
- Vanessa Vigil
Dia de los Muertos Driver CoverDia de los Muertos Driver Cover Details


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