While we aren't pondering new designs or playing with fun wool, there are times when we find ourselves playing with things we probably shouldn't be.

This time....we found ourselves carving a wood design on paper to properly display our covers.  This led to researching the rare art-form of giving new birth to reclaimed wood and tracking down just the right artisans that could help us in achieving this goal.

In this installment for this adventure, a natural piece of 400 year old Juniper from Central Oregon is barely shaped to arrive at a block base.  One can see in the photo below, this particular piece has some beautiful grain, knots, and natural edges that bring forth a nice and rustic look that might be complementary to our woolen product.

An craftsman in Sedona, Arizona assisted us with this highly custom project, with whom we connected through the wondrous world-wide web.  With some sanding and semi-finish gloss finish, seven 8 to 14 inch custom and hand-shaped dowels were added to provide stands for each style of our covers.  The hope with differing lengths was to accommodate hybrids, fairway, driver covers while maintaining an artistic aesthetic.  Below is a photo near the end of the production process, wherein we are testing the stands to make sure they fit and are sturdy enough.  

Once the project was complete, it was shipped to us at our head quarters and to say the least, we were truly amazed by the quality work completed.

Not only does the fine wood complement our covers in a subtle way, but it also supports them quite nicely.  We look forward to using this stand for trade shows and possibly even showcase it in one of our favorite golf shops (if they like it, of course).

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