Confidential Guide to Golf Course Bourbon

At Seamus Golf, we believe in a mantra that drives our passionate maker culture: To make something special for someone else, make it for yourself first. Try it out, use it extensively, and find ways to make it better. Our custom flasks are (gladly) no different in this regard, making their way to our tailgates and golf bags alike over the years. Along the way, we have a couple of team members who’ve gotten to know their way around the bourbon aisle, so to speak, and felt compelled to share some of their very favorite selections with you. After all, we know that a flask is only as good as what you keep inside. We hope you find these pairing recommendations helpful guidance as you prepare for the holiday season and beyond.

Four Roses Limited Edition | 108 Proof | SEAMUS SCALE : 8.9

With 10 distinct recipes and a reputation for blending some of the finest bourbon, Four Roses is a can’t-miss option for any occasion. This limited edition 8.9 blend brings influence from four of those fine concoctions, with ages ranging between 10-16 years. Finished at full-strength and non-chill filtered, this unique, yearly limited-edition bottle lets you enjoy the very best Four Roses has to offer.


Wild Turkey Decades | 104 Proof | SEAMUS SCALE : 8.6

The term “single-barrel” gets thrown around a lot in the bourbon world, but some of the finest bourbons are just that — a careful, singularly thoughtful blend. When Wild Turkey released this Decades edition, their makers blended rare barrels aged between 10 and 20 years. The result is a wonderful blend that speaks volumes about an underrated distillery.


Weller 107 | 107 Proof | SEAMUS SCALE : 7.9

The W.L. Weller line has earned its reputation as arguably one of the very best in the realm of wheated bourbons.. Unfortunately for its connoisseurs, such bottles increasingly hard to find walking into a liquor store off the street. Weller 107 is on the less expensive end, but comes in at #1 on the favorite daily drinker list; it’s a well-balanced finish, blending notes of fruit, vanilla and cinnamon, and a little bonus spice that is natural to products in the higher proof range. A couple years ago, you could get barrel picks of Weller 107 just about anywhere. Today, even a regular bottle is considered seasonal and proves very difficult to find. Buy while you still can!


Eagle Rare | 90 Proof | SEAMUS SCALE : 7.2

One of the best smooth-sippers in the bourbon world is also one of the few remaining bottles proving relatively easy to find. Aged for 10 years, Eagle Rare is sweet and oaky, an easy drinker on a Saturday afternoon, and perfect for the flask on a 9- or 18-hole walk on the golf course. As their barrel program has gone away, the extremely rare 17-year old version is today virtually impossible to find, making this 10-year a winner based on price point and availability.

Henry McKenna Single Barrel | 100 Proof | SEAMUS SCALE : 6.9

Heaven Hill’s Henry McKenna is one of those other few remaining bottles that are actually available on the shelf. As a single barrel, 100 proof, and aged 10 years, it’s a blessing to have in a day and age where most distilleries are hiding how young their bourbons have become. Henry McKenna Single Barrel is a bold daily drinker that may not always be around at this age — grab it if you can!