SEAMUS GOLF makes some of the finest little woolen golf club covers in the world.  Recent shipments have been sent to many great places in the US.  Outside of the US, we have established friends and relationships in new countries including New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Scotland, India, Japan, Belgium, and Egypt.  Someday we will able to personally deliver our wool to such cool spots!  Thank you for your support!  

In the recent year, and our first true year of business, we have learned a lot about our customer and their needs.  We are proud to announce that our average customer plays over 100 rounds per year.  This incredible base of enthusiast golfers are the exact type of golfer we sought out to reach, and furthermore it has led us to our new trend: sourcing a yet higher grade of fabric that can better suit the needs of the demanding enthusiast golfer.  

We intend to live vicariously through SEAMUS golfers is by being in their bag whether it rains or shines.  In the pursuit of perfection, we have found ourselves talking to some of the oldest woolen mills in the world.  A relentless search through discussions and meetings with those that know best has led us to the birthplace of the Tartan Wool: Scotland.  Highland soldiers proudly wore these durable woolen fabrics in the 15 and 1600's:

The trend towards clan - specific tartans allegedly began in the early 19th century (please feel free to correct us; we are golf head cover manufacturers and not historians).  The Battle of Culloden below in 1746 allegedly marked the first appearance of clan tartans when numerous families banded together in this fight.  After coming upon the photo below, we immediately exclaimed, 'if the tartans in this battle were worn to war, then they would make awesome golf club head covers!'.

The mills of Scotland in particular are known to continue the traditions of weaving beautiful wool that reach back hundreds of years.  If the techniques used are the very same used to make the great battle kilts, we strongly believe they are the most appropriate for use in the great 'gemme of golf.

In your search for the finest woolen golf club covers around, our shop now sports the designation 'Clan' in the name of such covers using the great wool from the wondrous lands of Scotland.  These are head covers made from KILT GRADE wool and will protect your heads when going to battle in match play.

Thank you for supporting SEAMUS GOLF, and we hope you you to get out and play very soon!

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