Designing a Hybrid/Putter cover

Our first cover made available was a fairway cover designed with the following key attributes:
  • A tapered design to ensure the cover find rest easily and look good while in the bag.
  • An elastic lining fit to specifically ensure the cover stay on while carrying the bag and walking briskly.
  • Provide for easy single handed use in a manner that is not possible with most knit, velcro, and magnetic covers.
  • At the cost of a more time intense process, we would hand cut each cover so as to ensure that the patterns match up precisely at the seams.  A feat that cannot be attained with mass production.
  • Combine a pop color fleece lining with a very traditional and high quality woolen shell in a manner that gives a unique experience for the enthusiast golfer.
This fairway cover made its debut at Bandon Dunes, and is now in several prominent golf shops in Washington, Oregon, and California.   For us, we cannot be more excited to hear that golfers are enjoying mixing and matching their plaids to create a look in the bag that exudes the individual personality.

As one might suspect, the golfer does not just carry a fairway wood.  When the General Manager of a very prominent and exclusive golf club asked us about the hybrid, we felt it was time to introduce a design we had dabbled with for some time.  He would have the first hybrid cover, and the predecessor to this rendition that continues with the key design attributes we firmly believe each cover should have.  

During the testing of the hybrid, we sent it to a few accomplished amateurs and touring professionals and learned that the design functioned not only great with hybrids, but also well with certain "Answer' and blade style putters.  A great bonus for those golfers wanting this type of flexibility.  We will make it known that there are certain larger hybrids and putters, such as the 'RocketBallz' or mallet-style putters that will not fit into this cover.  For the former, we have our fairway cover that fits and holds larger hybrids quite nicely.

This cover is available in our online store, and will make a debut in advance of the opening day at The Preserve at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.  We are honored to have our hybrid/putter be a part of the shop during the opening of the newest course at Bandon Dunes, and particularly since both the hybrid and putter are relevant clubs for most golfers on the newest Par 3.  Please contact us at for additional course availability, or if you would like to have this in your shop.

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Do you have any mallet putter headcovers? Ideally with a logo from one of the Bandon courses.


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