Seamus Speed Golf Classic at The Reserve, April 7, 2012

With the help of our friends at NW Golf Guys, we will be co-hosting the Seamus Speed Golf Classic at The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club in Aloha, Oregon.  There are many reasons to play this event that we have carefully summarized below:
  • As is said in the wondrous book Golf in the Kingdom "The gemme was meant for walkin'".  No carts will be used during the event.
  • Speed Golf teaches you that playing quick and with less clubs does not change your score that much.  Playing in this manner is better for the game.
  • We are delighted to announce that both Christopher Smith and Tim Scott, two of the world's greatest Speed Golf champions will participate in the event.
  • A fully stocked breakfast buffet will be offered at the end of the event to all participants, along with prizes from Seamus Golf.
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Details and background:

Location: The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club

Date: April 7th, 2011 - Tee times start at 7:00am with 3 minute intervals

$85 for non-member of Reserve or NWGG
$80 for NWGG member or OGA member
$60 for Junior golfer (under 18)

What does that include?
1 18 hole round of golf at The Reserve ($60 value)
1 Breakfast buffet entree ($15 value)
Great prizes from Seamus Golf


Proceeds to benefit OGA Junior Golf program

Each player starts from the first hole and ends on the 18th, playing on their own.  Most participants carry 3 to 5 golf clubs, and run much of the way.  Scoring is based on 18 hole Score + Time in minutes. For example, if the participant shoots 90 in 90 minutes, the total score as compared to other players is 180.  After the round, a wonderful buffet will be available to players while scores are calculated by the team at The Reserve and players will earn their way to great prizes from Seamus Golf

Junior (Under 18)
Aged 18-29
Aged 30+

To enter, please submit payment by clicking the Buy Now button below along with average mile time and Handicap to  Please be prepared to Jog/Run 4 to 6 miles, depending on how straight you hit it.  Additional information and rules will be provided as we near the event.

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