On June 15th, SEAMUS GOLF was honored to be a part of the extra special Summer Solstice Event held annually near to the longest day of the year at Bandon Dunes.  Each player is challenged to walk all 4 18 hole courses in one day, and greeted with wonderful tee prizes.  One of the items was to be a SEAMUS head cover, and we took on the challenge to sew every head cover on site in a marathon fashion.

Each player selected their head cover the night before the event at the Punchbowl.  Co-founder, Megan, and production manager Ashley greeted each golfer and provided them with counsel and assistance in making the important decision on which cover to go with their respective bags.

Three sewing machines were transported from our head quarters, and installed at the St. Andrews room next to McKee's Pub.  The local news was kind enough to stop by, and heard the full story from Megan, who suggested that '(Akbar, co-founder) signed us up for this gig, and then went out to play golf!'

Despite the challenge, Ashley and Megan prevailed and met Akbar + Friends (Matt Brown, Tyler Jaques, and Alex Casebeer were the players) at Old MacDonald, on their fourth round to follow along and enjoy the walk.


THE HOLE IN ONE (as personally penned by Akbar in the third person)

On the 8th hole at Old MacDonald, and the 62nd of the day, Akbar performed his ritual visit to the turnstand where the mandatory Belhaven is purchased for the group.  While waiting for the drinks, the group behind caught up, and Akbar was yelled at by his friendly partners.  'Pick it up, Come on man!'

Akbar proceeded to grab his things, and run to the tee.  Caddie Chris proceeded to hand him his very favorite Baffler 7 wood.  

With the hole playing 175 yards, he suggested a fade be played.  With no practice swing and in a swift move likely spilling part of the precious Belhaven, Akbar threw the ball down on the tee, quickly walked up to the ball, hit and started running down the hill.  The ball left the face at the perfect trajectory, landing two flag lengths to the left of the hole and spinning right up to it, and eventually dropping to the bottom of the cup.  

Fortunate for Akbar, and as part of the event, the bar was hosted at the end of the round.


Walking 72 holes is VERY possible, even for the self-proclaiming 'un-fit'.  We found that with great company and having the joy of playing 4 different top 100 golf courses in one day, it made for one of the most incredible experiences.  What did we do to finish?

  • Drinking water continuously.
  • Play quick
  • Liberal gimmies
  • No alcohol until the last round (for most of us, at least)
  • No large meals
  • Do not sit down or lay down on the course, getting back up is TOUGH

As an event, many of the golfers found the Solstice to be akin to something like the Boston Marathon.  Our Fit bit (which was one of the tee gifts) measured the walk to be around 26 miles for the day.  While we carried the first two rounds (Bandon and then Pacific), the caddies certainly saved the day and carried for the two afternoon rounds at Trails and Old MacDonald.

If you have an interest in participating in the event, historically there has been a long wait list.  Make a call or jot a note to the resort to get on it!

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