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Our Hybrid cover is slightly different from our barrel-shaped driver and fairway, in that we like to call it a dog-leg shape.  Most hybrids are designed significantly differently from a fairway cover, and thus we have devised a cover that proudly represents the plaid of choice, while functioning with great ease.  The seam lines up with the back of the club and because of the way each fabric is cut, a bias (cross plaid) look is created.  Much like our driver and fairway covers, each fleece lining contains a zig-zag stitched elastic band that keeps the cover on your Hybrid.

Each hybrid cover measures about 8 inches tall and is 3.25 inches wide at the opening.  Designed to fit all hybrids, and we have a full refund or swap out return policy should you find the fit to be wrong upon receipt.  At just under 2 ounces, each hybrid cover is significantly lighter weight than the leather or knit counterparts.

Each cover is hand cut and sewn in our Oregon, USA facility.

In our online shop, one can navigate to the hybrid option by selecting the drop down menu in each product page.

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