Working with driven, independent makers is part of the soul of SEAMUS. From our second-generation black smith to our in-house leather artisan, we surround ourselves with creatives and craftsmen that take their art seriously, but also know how to have a seriously good time. 

Enter Denton Watts.

Denton carving a wood-block print. Photo from The Hundreds

Denton Watts is a Texas-born illustrator/designer who shares much of the same ethos as SEAMUS, blending new and old techniques to create works that are radically original yet feel classic. Though he is an artist of the new millennium who uses computers to finesse his designs, Denton often finishes his pieces as hand-carved wood prints. The precision and dedication necessary to carve each piece reminded us of our own passion for crafting unique, quality goods.

Collaboration often leads to unexpected places, and working with Denton was no exception. We sought to align his American-tattoo attitude with our innovative approach to golf and ultimately found the classic skull and crossbones as a rallying symbol.

Perfect for the rebellious, the nostalgic, the rugged, or the seafaring, the SKULL & CROSSBONES Collection is a way to bring some renegade attitude into your game. The collection features Denton Watts' rendition of that classic Jolly Roger skull on Hand Forged® steel ball marks available now as well as head covers and other accoutrement. All of our wares are cut and stitched by hand in our shop to guarantee the highest quality throughout the production process.

Make sure to check-out Denton Watts interview on one of our favorite blogs and check back for even more collaborations we have in the pipeline.

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I want another cap. Have you discontinued them?

Dave DeHart

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