The game of golf originated among shepherds who honed their skill among the sheep and goats they cared for. Over the years many of these fledgling golfers used their goats to help carry their clubs through difficult terrain. To honor this early tradition we teamed up with our friends, Bruce and Tygh from Silvies Valley Ranch to create a custom double caddie bag. Bruce is a goat, and while he did not have much say in our club choice he is great at blazing trails between holes. The following images document our partnership and the time we spent with Bruce traversing the links at Silvies Valley Ranch.
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The goat caddie is so cool. I wish all the golf clubs had this goat caddie facility as this is exactly the traditional way of golfing.

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Cherry Zhou

What a cool place and experience.
I miss walking the golf course. I have great memories…
They usually involve the golden hour, that time the sun is sinking and draping everything and it’s that golden light, the presence of beauty can be breathtaking at that time.
One memory involved meeting my older brother at Kiawah. It was summer we had a late tee time on the Dye Course, about 5 pm. The finishing three holes replayed in the golden hour. It was just so beautiful, walking a trail through the sea oats between 16 and 17. We walked the stretch of the trail which bended around and in between dunes and sea oats. There was a lovely wind coming in from the surf, the beach and waves retrenched in the honey light of the early evening. At one point we stopped and just breathed and took it all in. We let the wind, surf and the breeze whispering through the sea oats do the talking for us. It felt like those negativities, which can at times pile up in the brain, were carried away with the salty breeze. This is one of those times in life that is sacred in that moment, and in the remembering, wherein the moment now and the memory of then, become one.

I really like your product. And after seeing the goat video, in which I think the goats were Jerusalem goats (?), now I like the people behind the product.

John Agel

This just made my bucket list! :) Thank you! I love all your products.
Dawn P


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