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How do I keep this set I'm ordering connected?

Recently, we had a customer that inquired about our ability to add a way for our covers to be tied together.  From our humble beginnings, part of our aesthetic was to maintain a minimalist design that didn't contain any unnecessary features or visually detracting appendages.  The concept of adding a tab at the top had been discussed at early stages, but we never wanted to force the purchase of sets for our customers, so we decided quickly that it would be a custom option left for discussion later.  Additionally, we went on to include a subtle elastic band on the interior of our covers to ensure they would stay on.  

In the image below, one can see that we've purposely devised a very clean look at the top, with plaids matching at the seams through the use of hand-cut kilt-grade woolen materials.  (A variant on the MacKenzie tartan reserved for hunting purposes shown below).

Our customer called from New York, and inquired about ordering 5 covers for their bag.  They wanted to customize the top with some sort of mechanism to tie the covers together.  We got excited by the prospect by the new opportunity to get creative, so our mission began with a trip down to the local leather shop (Oregon Leather Co.).

We began with looking for just the right light-weight but structurally sound D-ring and ended up with the following 1/2 inch chrome style.  Our original intent was to use a brass-antique look, but it sadly added a lot of weight and would have been counter-productive to our mission of providing a light-weight walking-friendly solution.  We proceeded with this solution that was nickel-plated. 

Small vegetable-tanned leather tabs were then cut from our favorite and locally sourced Vegetable-tanned leather.  The above metal D-rings were then included during the sewing of the lids.  On a sidenote, if you'd like to have leather tabs on your set, this is something we can offer during the ordering process (just e-mail us if you'd like these).  We are lucky to have the ability to get custom down to the individual's needs, as each cover is individually crafted to order.  The customer picked out a beautiful arrangement and mix of tartans that we think are going to look great in their bag.

We then proceeded to pick the most appropriate suede for the purpose of tying the covers together from the fun colors in stock.

The results of our little creative mission were well received.  Let us know what you think by dropping us a note to
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