The Controversial Debate

Last Friday we released the second in our series of putter head covers, a cover complementary to our Sherpa model. What we’ve done is create a model to aesthetically-please the golfing purist while offering the technology needed for a functional head cover. Instead of sliding over the head of a blade putter like the Sherpa does, our new putter cover features a strip of military-grade Velcro® that secures the cover around the club’s head while in transit, and aides in making the removal and re-administering of the head cover smoother. To enhance the fit and security of the club head, a half-inch of foam padding is constructed between the tartan and fleece. But I know what you’re thinking: not another Velcro®-based head cover.

Velcro® is the name of the company that makes the ever-popular hook and loop fastener known affectionately as “Velcro”. Much like facial tissue is often referred to as “Kleenex®” or a cotton swab is known as a “Q-Tip®” (not to be confused with the Grammy Award-winning rapper), Velcro® is the flagship product of the company. Standard Velcro is the grade most-commonly produced due to its relatively cheap production cost. In terms of golf head covers, this grade of Velcro® has historically been the cause of fraying and a lackluster fit. The main cause of Velcro® failure is debris getting caught in the molded plastic hooks that help make it secure. The fleece lining in our head covers has a lower profile than, say, faux fur or a similar material, which reduces the likelihood of the Velcro® snagging and fraying it. The military-grade Velcro® used in our putter cover is 50% stronger than standard Velcro® and is the highest strength that Velcro® sells.

Military Grade Velcro® in Seamus Golf's Blade Putter Cover

While there is an ongoing debate between Velcro® and magnets as a means of securing the head cover on the club, the answer likely lies in the golfer’s preference. The use of magnets in head covers is still a relatively new technology, and one that is far from perfected. Whether it is the magnets shifting within the head cover or sticking to other clubs in the bag, magnetic head covers present their own share of issues. Using Velcro® is a tried-and-true method of securing head covers around club heads. We did our part to ensure that each head cover is made with the leading materials in the industry.


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I have to say I really dislike the coarse texture and the ripping sound of velcro. I’ve had several great magnetic covers that work very well and don’t have issues sticking to clubs.

Seamus makes great covers, but I wish they made a magnetic putter cover. I would certainly buy one if they did.


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