SEAMUS GOLF is proud to announce the top secret project of a ground up designed bag tag for the purpose of an exclusive event surrounding the launch of Gamble Sands, a new David McLay Kidd designed destination in Brewster Washington.  Inspired by the thick English Bridle leather of a finely crafted saddle, and with guidance from the Christensen team at Gamble, SEAMUS GOLF founders Megan + Akbar set off on an exploration to come up with a bag tag that would exude an unprecedented level of craft and quality while embarking on design features that tie closely into the culture of the local golf destination.

After numerous prototypes, we sought the assistance of LP Streifel the world renown saddle maker and dear friend of SEAMUS GOLF.  Under his tutelidge, the SEAMUS family crafted a custom bag tag that utilized the Scotman designer, Mr. Kidd's family tartan, the Stuart of Appin.  With each tag came a cut out coaster, and the leather tag package was combined with a driver head cover, zippered pouch, custom pitch mark tool, and custom ball mark for each player.

On August 1, 2014, the the brand new links style golf destination in Brewster, Washington, will open to the public.  Designed by David McLay Kidd (Bandon Dunes, Tetherow, and many others), the stunning links site is located high above the Columbia River, in North Central Washington.  We look forward to the grand opening, and are honored to be part of such a fine new destination.


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Hello, am I able to buy Gamble Sands products directly from you?


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