Pat Sutton, PGA Professional and Golf Club Historian

Mr. Sutton is a native Oregonian who graduated from Oregon State University. Unlike most golf professionals he has spent his entire career at Riverside Golf & Country Club in Portland, Oregon. Beginning as an assistant golf professional in 1978 and in 1983 he was promoted to Head Golf Professional, the title in which he still holds. As a golf historian, Pat is an avid collector of rare golf books, balls and clubs. 

Mr. Sutton finds promising antique golf clubs and memorabilia from across the world. Pat often travels throughout the United States, Scotland, France, Belgium and Canada to add even the finest items to his historic golf arsenal.

We recently sat down to go peruse Pat's golf clubs that we could collaborate on. The first iteration is the Pat Sutton Hickory Putter Collection. We've infused new life into these once forgotten putters through elbow grease and love of the game to ensure they end up back in the bags of players who relish the craftsmanship and hand forged quality of a bygone era.

After selecting our initial offering of clubs, we convinced Pat to take us on a small tour of his collection. Relics of some of the local favorites like Alderwood Country Club, 1947 Ryder Cup & 1946 PGA Championship at Portland Golf Club, Photo Book from 1910 of Seattle Golf Club were all quite the site to see, but we had my eyes on some golf course architecture books, more specifically, C.B. Macdonald + A.W. Tillinghast. Let's say Mr. Sutton did not disappoint.


1910 Amateur Championship at Brookline Pin

Sand Tee Molds

National Golf Links of America :: Statement of C.B. MacDonald 

National Golf Links of America :: Statement of C.B. MacDonald - Signature

Contestant Badges

Caddy Badges

 1947 Ryder Cup, 1946 PGA Championship at Portland Golf Club & 1937 U.S. Amateur at Alderwood CC Programs

Brick Faced Mashie Niblick

Water Fall Faced Club

As shown above, Mr. Sutton has a very diverse collection of Golf Book, Clubs and oddities that make his collection very unique among others in the trade. Be sure to follow our blog in the coming weeks to seen more of Pat's collections in addition to some other great collectors from around the US.