Walnut Shafted Hand Forged® Putter - #019


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The hickory era of golf is a great inspiration to SEAMUS, and in particular to our Hand Forged items. Back in the day, each club head, whether a putter or niblick, was hand forged on an anvil. Heated to 2000 degrees and shaped to the desired form of the blacksmith and club maker.

Back in the day, the blacksmith was the club maker.  And the club maker was the Pro.  And the pro was the greenskeeper.  The best example of this individual, and one we praise the most, is none other than the Great Old Tom Morris.  

Enter Lyle Poulin, our blacksmith and also friend in golf.  For the past few years and since we began working together, the concept of making a putter has enjoyed a permanent spot on the drawing board.  For the most part, we've stuck to making ball marks and bag tags, among other items on request.  We can't help playing around a bit, and along the way we've managed to make 18 putters for ourselves and friends.  This putter is our 19th rendition (numbered as such), and in our opinion our finest work and ready for use and play by our dearest golfers.

The techniques used to craft this putter are similar to that of the hickory era, but with a modern twist. The mild steel metal head begins its life as a steel rod, that is then heated and shaped on the anvil to the balanced shape desired. Bronze is then heated to 2000 degrees and melted onto the putter face. While this provides a unique and classy aesthetic, the intent is for a softer inlay and feel. Hand hammered dimples are added for texture.

Portions of the head are sanded and buffed, while certain parts remain in their raw, forged, and scaled form to give a look unlike any other putter before it. At the final steps, heat is applied to the putter to give a colorful variation throughout the head, from blues, to purples and finally even orange tints depending on lighting.

We love the look and feel of hickory, and the sturdiness it possesses through the swing. Black Walnut presents a luxurious look and is appropriate for use with a putter. Each rod is hand selected from locally crafted batches, and hand turned, shaped and tapered individually to the putter to make for a seamless transition at the joint.

Each Putter comes with our first ever true blade-style putter cover. In 2015, we worked to develop this cover for a hickory putter that would be gifted but never really developed it further until recently when this project launched.  Lined with luxurious cocoa-color, buttery soft leather and constructed by hand to ensure the cover fit this one of a kind putter to perfection. Snap closure is riveted and installed here in our shop as well.

We selected the Donegal tartan for the cover, inspired by the 1891 Donegal County course design by Old Tom Morris we had the chance to visit - Rosapenna, and also went to include this tartan for the grip wrap.  A strip of bias cut Donegal Tartan wool is hand wrapped, and fastened with 4 ply merlot-colored wax linen thread.  

As seen in the photos, there is an extra ball mark that came out of the production process, originally used to test the bronze inlay process that is included with the package.  Each putter, putter cover, and ball mark is gift packaged in a long Donegal tartan pouch, perfect for laying under the Christmas tree.

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