The Seamus Wallet II - Tan


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The SEAMUS Wallet is back again working collaboratively with local leather maker Tanner Goods to design the perfect minimalist wallet that brings maximum functionality. 

Constructed from 3.5 ounce vegetable-tanned Meridian English Bridle leather, our SEAMUS Wallet features one card slot pocket and an accompanying Hand Forged® Money Clip that is, for the first time ever, user removable.  The stitching surrounding the clip is tight to begin with, but opens up slightly through use enough to allow an easier ingress and egress.  

Having a large bundle in your pocket isn't ideal for the golfer, and we believe the flexibility of our smaller wallet allows our golfer to take either just bare essentials with the clip, or a few extra items with the leather wallet.

The Tan leather with black stitching creates a beautiful contrast to the Hand Forged® Nickel Money Clip

Each component is hand crafted here in Portland, Oregon, USA.


2.75" Wide x 4.25" Tall

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