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Ship Date: 11-14 Business Days


In collaboration with Austin artist Denton Watts, we created the Skull & Crossbones Leather Driver with equal parts class and swagger. The main body of the cover is black motorcycle leather with a bold, embroidered lid in matching white motorcycle leather. On the lid is Watts' variation on the classic Jolly Roger emblem that has put fear in the hearts of sailors for centuries. Each driver is crafted from hand-cut leather that is then sewn by our in-house artisans to create dependable and unique head covers.

Available in Driver, Fairway, and Hybrid variations.  

Denton Watts is a native-born Texas artist who uses combinations of graphic design and woodblock carving to create boldly dark pieces. Inspired by the freedom of freelance tattooists, Watts carves and prints hand-hewn works with distinctive detailing and a no-holds-barred attitude. His pieces often combine into thematic collages of wildlife, folk heroes, and religious figures.

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