SG_H201 Performance Driver


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Inspired by the breathability and texture of the leather in Italian sports cars, our SG_H201 Performance Driver brings together performance and modern style. Made from high-quality, jet black Motorcycle Leather similar to our Modern Charcoal Herringbone Headcover, each cover is handcrafted by our in-house leather artisan Carol Risely. The small perforations in the leather that run the length of the head cover allow air flow in and out of the cover's interior, cooling your club more quickly than traditional covers. The textured exterior also leads to subtly changing light profiles that add depth to the cover's classic style. Features an exclusive black upholstery leather tag that is debossed with the SEAMUS logo. Comes standard with black fleece lining on the interior. 

Available in Driver only. Personalization is not available on this item.

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