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The Marrakesh features a bold, lotus-style paisley woven in a combination of black, gray, and navy wool. The design mixes natural leaves and blossoms into an intricate arrangement that repeats throughout the cover. Paisleys were first woven in ancient Mesopotamia to be worn at times of celebration, but were not known by the common name "paisley" until renowned weavers in Paisley, Scotland began crafting the fabric in the early to mid 1800s. A little over a century later, paisley patterns could be seen throughout counter culture of the 1960s and have since become a mainstay in contemporary, popular fashion. 

Available in Driver, Fairway, and Hybrid head covers. Also available in Drawstring Pouch and Zippered Pouch. A personalized leather label is available. On the label we can inscribe your initials, name, or shape of choice.

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