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A pen and ink limited edition art piece by Lee Wybranski of the famous Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers Clubhouse (otherwise known as Muirfield) printed onto natural cotton canvas.  SEAMUS GOLF is proud to take this limited edition art piece, and make it a fine fairway cover ideal for the bag in the office or the special occasion golf outing.  The artwork by Lee has been a true inspiration to the beginnings of SEAMUS GOLF.  Printed on natural upholstery and marine grade cotton canvas.

Lee Wybranski is shaping the look of golf today. Working with the game since 1995 as an artist and designer, Wybranski's first client was the Winged Foot Golf Club and since then his studio has worked for the finest venues, organizations and championships in golf. His work has a traditional aesthetic inspired by fundamental principles and the great artists of the past. The pen & ink art of Muirfield represents a return to Lee's roots in drawing, and translates superbly onto canvas.

Limited run of 50 Fairway Covers.

Care: cold water hand wash and hang to dry.

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