Hand Forged® GOAT Bottle Opener Petité Single Prong Pitch Tool - Nickel


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When it comes to a mascot here at Seamus Golf, there couldn't be a more ideal icon than the goat caddies from Silvies Ranch in Eastern Oregon. Living for peanuts, happy to follow you around for 18 holes and double bagging your half set, these goats epitomize hard work and a good time. 

As a tribute to our four legged friends, we present the goat pitch tool. Stamped on our durable Hand Forged nickel and finished to perfection for your next golf outing. The goat pitch tool is a great addition to your golf bag and comes with free optional hand stamping on the back.


Each Hand Forged® Goat pitch tool is made by our Portland-local, second-generation blacksmith using high-quality nickel. Proudly made in the USA. 


Slightly over 3.5" long and just under 1.125" wide.