Golf on the Moon Kit (Limited Run of 14)



Golf on the Moon; a collection of goods inspired by the Apollo 14 mission which took place 50 years ago. A mission on which Alan Shepard became the first man to hit a golf ball on the lunar surface. This Bag was designed to resemble the Pressure Suit, A7-L worn on mission by Shepard, who snuck a Wilson Staff Dyna-Power 6-iron head into the suit and later attached it to a collapsible rock sampling tool. On February 6th 1971 during a moonwalk, Shepard revealed the club and proceeded to hit two balls "Miles and miles and miles" as he said. 

This Limited run of 14 kits includes a reflective gold hood, Fisher space pen, black moon marker (91,196,160:1 scale design of the surface texture of earth's moon), custom Seamus x Slowtide golf towel with titanium carabiner, and a fairway cover with our Seamus worm logo up the barrel and Meatball embroidery on the lid. 

Made of Dyneema Composite Fabric. Dyneema is  a fiber that is produced in a patented gel spinning process in which the fibers are drawn, heated, elongated, and cooled. Dyneema fiber is 15x stronger than steel at the same weight. Besides its incredible strength, the fabric is 30% lighter than Nylon and Polyester and it excels in cut and abrasion resistance and has a high resistance to chemicals and UV. Perfect for your time on the golf course in any weather conditions.


All Golf Bags will be numbered 1-14 on the scorecard pocket of the bag.