Feel Player™



The Feel Player’s lightweight design keeps you in sync with the course and promotes your foot's evolutionary mechanics. Not too bulky, not too thin, the sole provides traction without overpowering your foot’s natural ability to read terrain and is formulated to bend with your foot through a swing while maintaining a solid grip on the turf.  Lacing up for the fist time, the shoe effortlessly becomes an extension of your body, working with your foot's natural shape to create a superior fit. Each shoe weighs just under 8 ounces, or nearly 50% less than most traditional golf shoes, so that walking in the Feel Player is as natural as being barefoot. 

THE FEEL PLAYER by Seamus Golf from Venk Potula on Vimeo.


Made in Oregon:

Every pair of Feel Player™ shoes are hand sewn by artisans in SEAMUS' home state of Oregon. From cutting materials to engraving labels, we believe that superior products come from superior makers and are excited to support the skilled craftspeople in our area. 


The Feel Player is currently only available in whole sizes. A simple construction alongside soft, flexible materials allows this shoe to readily conform to an individual’s unique foot. If you typically wear a half size we suggest ordering a half size smaller (10 if you wear a 10.5).

Estimated Delivery:

Shipping on pre-ordered Feel Players will begin in mid-June and will be sent in the the order of pre-orders received. Shoes ordered post pre-order will typically ship in 8-10 weeks from order date. Each shoe is individually crafted to order, so please be patient as our production team hand cuts and sews your unique pair.





What size should I order if I wear a half size?

The feel player is crafted to form to your foot, so we recommend ordering the size truest to your actual foot. Our minimalist design lacks unnecessary structural materials & plastics, further ordering a slightly smaller size (i.E. A 10 if you wear a 10.5) Will lead to a better, more comfortable fit through wear. The shoe’s ability to stretch allows it to accommodate both wide and regular fits in its whole sizing.


Are women’s sizes available?

Feel player’s are currently only available in men’s whole sizes, though we hope to offer a ladies’ version in the near future.



How much does the Feel Player’s shipping/handling cost?

We have included shipping/handling costs in our packages pricing, so there is no additional cost. If you have questions regarding shipping method or need to change your shipping information, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at (503)526-9048.


When can I expect my shoes to ship?

Shoes will start shipping in mid to late summer 2017 and will be sent out in the order in which pre-orders were received.



How does the feel player handle walking 18 holes?

The feel player is crafted to be the most comfortable golf shoe from its first round. Testing has taken place in the pacific northwest, during the wettest winter in 20 years, where all rounds were walked, and we’ve concluded that the feel player successfully combines the appropriate amount of traction and support for golf without sacrificing wearability. In one occasion, we tested the shoe for 54 holes in a single day of oregon’s wet weather with very positive results. Because the feel player does not inhibit your foot’s natural mechanics or unique shape, it works to prevent most fatigue and soreness unlike stiffer, bulkier golf shoes.



Returns & Exchanges Policies:

Can I return my feel players if they don’t fit?

Feel players can be returned within 30 days of delivery if they are in like-new condition. Shoes with stains, scratches, rips, or any noticeable wear cannot be returned. Because of the feel player’s unique ability to form to an individual’s foot, refunds, both full and partial, will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Seamus reserves the right to refuse returns on a case-by-case basis and will fulfill or deny a return within a week of receiving the items in our office.



Can I exchange my feel players for a different size?

To exchange for another size, feel players must be sent back to our offices and meet the standards laid out in our return policy. Shoes with visible wear cannot be exchanged. Exchanges will only be offered for in-stock sizes and seamus does not guarantee that all available sizes are in-stock.



Where should I ship my return/exchange to?

Please send all returns to 9610 sw sunshine ct, suite 100, beaverton, or, 97005 with your confirmation email included. Complimentary return shipping will only be offered for shoes with factory defects, not size exchanges or any other returns. Please contact [email protected] to inquire about complimentary return shipping or if you have any other shipping questions.

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