Bonnie B Putter - Hand Forged - Hickory Putter


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The Bonnie B Putter is a one of a kind Hickory shafted putter that was crafted and used during the early 1900's, at the height of the Hickory Era. This old gal has been brought back to life for use in today's modern golf game exclusively by Seamus Golf.

Local Portland PGA Professional Pat Sutton finds promising antique golf clubs and memorabilia across the world. In collaboration with Mr. Sutton, Seamus has infused new life into them by hand to ensure they arrive back into bags of players who relish the craftsmanship and hand forged quality of a bygone era.  

Each grip is hand wrapped using suede, the inner side of individually selected premium grade leather by our local Field Book artisan Carol Risley. Six-time Open Champion Harry Vardon utilized the suede side for all of his clubs. Soft to the touch, the suede adds a tactile experience to the pleasure of putting.

Both ends of the grip are secured by hand whipped 4 ply waxed linen thread. The hand forged quality of each putter is an excellent addition to our hand forged collection. Each restored putter is meant to be played and will be the focal point of complements on the green and in the corner office.

This hickory putter is a great gift for the enthusiast golfer.

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