American Flag


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We are no longer accepting orders for any of our flag covers at this time.  The order queue has exceeded our expectations and we are now focused on fulfilling existing orders.  Our sincerest apologies on this inconvenience.  Please keep in the loop via our e-mail list and social media on potential changes in availability.  Thank you for your support and interest in what we're doing here at SEAMUS GOLF.

The American Flag Cover is a handcrafted labor of patriotic love. Made from 100% wool, milled in the Pacific Northwest. Made in the USA, each driver cover contains 50 stars and 13 stripes, which are individually cut and sewn by in-house artisans. As seen in Mr. Kuchar's golf bag at the 2015 U.S. Open and 2016 Ryder Cup, these covers are a tribute to this country’s heritage and its resolute symbol of freedom and opportunity.

Each order that contains one or more Terratrooper Head Covers or American Flag Covers includes a complimentary American Flag Bag Tag.

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