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This past year, we have had the great pleasure of working on a couple of fun projects for our friends at Callaway.  More recently, the opportunity to work on a special run of covers that would be featured in April came about.  Please keep your eyes open, as the following story will unfold this week.  ~FAR & SURE~


How can we do it differently?” is a phrase commonly echoed around Callaway marketing. If you’re at all familiar with us, you know we’re people of remarkably short attention spans with strong disdain for traditional marketing norms. We don’t keep this a secret. 

We’re all creatives, and that’s why we love nothing more than the opportunity to collaborate with other extremely talented and like-minded creative people (hence the formation Callaway Create, which is now in its third year of producing the most unique branded content anywhere).

This is where Seamus Golf and Olivia Herrick come in. Many of you are probably familiar with Seamus’ uncanny ability to develop some of the finest handmade goods in the game. From hand-sewn headcovers, hand-forged metal ball markers and divot tools, among tons of other awesome offerings. We actually partnered with them in 2018 on a Limited Artist Headcover Auction, which raised more than $7k for Bunkers in Baghdad. Akbar Chisti, president and co-founder of Seamus, is a really good friend of ours and when it comes to material knowledge and an eye for detail, good luck finding someone better in the business.

Olivia is a Minnesota-based designer who runs her own studio. We’ve admired her work for a long time and were looking for the right opportunity to collaborate on something that was on par with her modern, simplistic and vibrant style. She also so happens to be a highly accomplished amateur player: she’s a two-time Minnesota Women’s State Open champ (2018 & 2011), two-time Minnesota State Women’s Amateur Match Play Championship winner (2018 & 2017) and she finished 5th in the 2017 U.S. Women’s Mid-Am Championship.

“As a lifelong golfer the opportunity to pair my professional work as a designer and my love of the game has been nothing short of a delight, and to do so for the most iconic major of the year has made this project a dream come true,” Herrick said.

Behind The Design

Two design principles that are always at the forefront when thinking about the season’s first major: keep it clean and keep it lively. The idea was to create something fresh and colorful that would be outside of the traditional Augusta color schemes. We kept coming back to a floral concept, but one that was contemporary and unique to anything we’ve seen before. That’s when the light bulb for Olivia flickered on; she is to vibrant botanical illustrations what Phil is to flop shots off of tight lies.

When a few of us jumped on a call to discuss the pattern details and style, we all agreed there shouldn’t be a singular flower but a variety. Then we remembered that each hole is named after a specific flower, plant or tree, so like the morning after a late-night bender, our vision became a lot clearer.

Olivia’s first iterations presented some debate. Not because of the pattern, which was everything we were hoping for AND more, but because she put it on both a black and white base. The two concepts popped off the screen and I think there was a literal 50/50 split on which everyone preferred more. Ultimately, we decided to go with a little beef and broccoli and selected a black base for driver/putter covers, and white for fairway woods/hybrids.

Bringing Them To Life

Partnering with Seamus to produce the headcovers was a no-brainer (for all the reasons I mention above). The material they decided to print on was a plonge leather, which accentuates the rich colors of each illustration. It’s also very soft which makes me super easy to put on and remove. Each cover is carefully lined with a different color fleece; yellow for driver, black for fairway wood and forest green for hybrid.

Limited Quantities Available

We’re thrilled to give everyone an opportunity to purchase these beauties on Friday, April 12 right here on We’ll supply more information on timing and quantities the week of the tournament. All proceeds from the sales of the headcovers will also be donated to charity (more on that to come as well).

We’ll also be running several giveaways throughout our social media channels throughout tournament week so be on the lookout.

For now, get a closer look at this amazing major collaboration below…

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