This exercise marks a first, where we decided that we simply had to draft a set of covers for an individual that provided a great deal of inspiration for SEAMUS GOLF.

Months ago, we came across a photograph of the designer for some of the most beautiful golf courses we have ever had the opportunity to spend time at.  He is known for penning the design work for a number of top new-era links style golf courses that one might have heard of a few times.

While studying the following photograph (and a number of others), we noticed the tartan and were convinced it had to be a clan - specific tartan.  It became an opportunity for us, to prepare a completely custom set of head covers to match a gentleman's tartan kilt!  Probably the coolest thing we've ever done!

Credit: Travel Oregon

After some research, we narrowed it down to the Maclay clan tartan.  Asking around those that knew best narrowed it down to one or two other possibilities.  Without risking the wrong clan, we decided it be best to go direct with our inquiries.

A simple e-mail in this internet age went a long ways.  In not more than 24 hours, we got a response.  The tartan turned out to be 'the Stuart of Appin tartan, which is the 'parent' clan to the Mclay family name'.  Confirmed!  Shortly thereafter, we called to three mills in Scotland to ascertain whether we could even source this particular clan tartan wool in the style needed to make our signature head covers.   When the wool came, we rushed to have it sewn and prepared some fun custom leather labels and sprinted it off to the appropriate address.

Some very kind and funny notes and other things followed immediately thereafter.  Definitely one of the more fun projects we have taken on thus far!

Below, are the matched head covers:

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