From US Navy uniform to Head Covers.

Every once in a while a fun request comes to our shop.  Recently, a SEAMUS golfer came up with the idea of making a set of covers from his old Navy uniform.  In this case, we saw it as an opportunity to have some fun and make a truly unique set of covers for a member of the respected service men and women community in the United States.

The full uniform was like a blank canvas, and before delving into photos, below are a few of the features incorporated into the design:

-Woven label stitched to the interior fleece.  We thought it was a great part of the jacket, where it states "MADE EXPRESSLY FOR THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS".

-Full functioning cargo pocket on the Driver cover, which also has Mr. Ruiz's name on the top.

-Fairway cover is actually the sleeve from jacket.


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I have a friend that received a set of these head covers that he sent in his cammies and they came out amazing. What is the pricing and how can I start the process? Looking forward to hearing back. These are incredible!

Rece Goodman


I’m interested in the USMC driver headcover. How much do they cost and do I have to provide you with a uniform?


Noel Niaves

Can I order the uniformed headcovers? Do I need to send in uniforms for fabric? Steve C.

Steve Coombs

Just a bit of education… Your listing says, “FROM US NAVY UNIFORM…” The uniform and service emblem (the Eagle Globe and Anchor patch) pictured is a U.S. Marine Corps uniform. Yes, the USMC is technically part of the the Department of the Navy. However, ONLY U.S. Marines EARN the title “MARINE”, not regular U.S. Navy personnel, and that particular camo pattern is actually called dessert MARPAT, which stands for “Marine Corps Pattern”.
Now, all of that being said, there are a few U.S. Navy personnel that DO rate to wear the MARPAT uniforms. Generally, this would be the Navy Field Corpsmen that serve directly attached to USMC units, providing them medical support. So, the assumption here is that your customer was a U.S. Navy Corpsman that served with a USMC unit, and God bless them for that service! I always held my Corpsmen in very high regard and trusted them implicitly to take care of my Marines. However, make NO MISTAKE, that is a U.S. MARINE CORPS uniform; the regular Navy personnel do not rate to wear the USMC MARPAT uniforms unless they are attached directly with a Marine command. In fact, regular Navy has its own distinctive camouflage uniforms.
Just wanted to make sure you knew that although that uniform may have been worn by a Navy Sailor, a Corpsman most likely, it is a MARINE CORPS specific uniform and should NEVER be mistaken for any other service’s as ONLY the few that pay their dues aboard the hallowed grounds of the MCRDs at Parris Island, SC; San Diego, CA; and at OCS in Quantico, VA are the ones that EARN the title: UNITED STATES MARINE.
Thanks for indulging my rant.

Semper Fidelis,
Gary Humphries

Gary Humphries

Wow! What an idea! This old “salt” loves the idea.

Charlie BURGE

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