Donegal Tweed Patchwork Headcover


The story on our donegal tweed collection goes far beyond just fine materials and high quality construction. Our founders took a trip to Ireland, to the land of County Donegal to hand pick these wonderful weaves. The end result is a collection of tweeds sewn completely in Ireland and available for our array of Seamus products.

The exterior combines several herringbone, dogtooth, and plain weave tweeds in rich ivories, blacks, blues, tans, and crimsons that come together in a balance of earth tones straight from the hills of Eire. Using meticulous quilting techniques, our in-house artisans combine hand-cut swatches aligned to best compliment each other and accentuate the rugged style of the tweeds. Each driver cover comes with a specially crafted leather Seamus Golf label.

A personalized leather label is available. On the label we can inscribe your initials, name, or shape of choice.