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Scottish Fall

Earl St. Andrews Modern

The Earl of St Andrews tartan is predominantly blue with white in the over plaid.  Available in Driver, Fairway, and Hybrid head covers. Also available in Drawstring Pouch and Zippered Pouch.... Learn More

Black Watch Modern Waxed

The Black Watch Modern Waxed is our classic Black Watch Modern tartan that has been woven with waterproofing wax. The ideal fabric for outdoorsmen, the waxed cotton stands tough against the elements... Learn More

Red Stewart Tartan

The Red Stewart is predominately red with blue, yellow, and white in the over plaid. It is the most popular tartan ever. The Royal Stewart, as it is also known, is... Learn More

Tan Waxed Canvas

The Seamus Golf Tan Waxed Canvas head covers are made to last. The history of waxed canvas dates back to Scottish mills that wove for the British clipper fleet. The process... Learn More

Barclay Dress Modern

The Barclay Dress Modern tartan is predominantly yellow with black and white in the over plaid. The Barclay clan traces its origins all the way back to the Norman conquest... Learn More

Black Stewart

The Stewart Black tartan is predominantly black with red, blue, green, yellow, and white in the over plaid. Available in Driver, Fairway, and Hybrid head covers.  Also available in Drawstring... Learn More

Sloan Square Peat

The Sloan Square Peat tartan is predominately chocolate colored with a tan windowpane over plaid.  Combined with a gold fleece lining, this style is a gorgeous and classic one to... Learn More


The Tomintoul is a Shetland provincial tweed featuring a prominent herringbone weave in an earthy blend of emerald, blue, and gray-tan wool. This durable head cover comes with a light... Learn More