Now Serving Over 300 Tartans

SEAMUS GOLF is proudly serving more than 300 tartans. All of the Scottish & Irish Tartans are available in our Head Covers, Putter Covers, Pouches, and Bottle Bags. Listed below is an extensive list of our current tartan offerings. Custom Tartans are available for order by filling out our Custom Tartan Request Form

Ailsa Pink
Anderson (Modern)
Angus Muted
Baird Modern
Barclay Dress Modern
Black Stewart
Black Watch Modern
Blair Modern
Boyd Modern
Braveheart Warrior
Bruce Modern
Buchanan Hunting Modern
Buchanan Old Colours
Burns Modern
Cameron Erracht Muted
Cameron of Lochiel
Cameron of Lochiel Hunting Muted
Campbell Ancient
Cape Breton
Carmichael Ancient
Carnegie Ancient
Charcoal Tweed
Chinese Scottish
Christie Modern
Clark Modern
Clergy Green Modern
Colquhoun Modern
Cooper Modern
County Antrim
County Armagh
County Carlow
County Cavan
County Clare
County Cork
County Donegal
County Down
County Dublin
County Fermanagh
County Galway
County Kerry
County Kildare
County Kilkenny
County Laois
County Leitrim
County Limerick
County Londonderry (Derry)
County Longford
County Louth
County Mayo
County Meath
County Monaghan
County Offaly
County Roscommon
County Sligo
County Tipperary
County Tyrone
County Waterford
County Wexford
County Wicklow
Craig Modern
Culloden Dress Modern
Cumming Hunting Ancient
Davidson Muted
Davies / Davis
Dogtooth - Bunker
Dogtooth - Charcoal
Dogtooth - Petite
Douglas Grey Modern
Dress Grey MacRae Modern
Dress MacDuff Modern
Drummond of Perth Modern
Drummond of Perth Muted
Duncan Modern
Earl St. Andrews Modern
Edinburgh Ancient
Elliot Modern
Ellis Tartan
European Tartan
Farquharson Ancient
Ferguson Modern
Ferguson Old Colours
Fescue Tweed
Flora Harris Tweed
Flower of Scotland
Fraser Hunting Muted
Fraser Red Modern
Fyvie Magenta
Gallowater Old Ancient
Galloway Red Modern
Gillies Modern
Gordon (Red / Modern)
Gordon Dress Modern
Gordon Modern
Graham of Menteith Muted
Green Morrison
Guide Dog
Gunn Muted
Hamilton Red Modern
Harris Lilac
Harris Tweed Iona
Hebridean Mist
Henderson Ancient
Hepburn Muted
Holyrood Modern
Home/Hume Modern
Hunting Wallace Old Colours
Irish National Tartan Head Covers
Johnstone Ancient
Kennedy Modern
Kerr Red Modern
Lamont Old Colours
Lindsay Modern
Logan Modern
MacBeth (Bethune)
MacDiarmid Ancient
MacDonald Lord of Isles
MacDonald Lord of the Isles
MacDonald Old Colours
MacDonnell of Glengarry
MacDougall Muted
MacDuff Hunting Modern
MacGill Modern
MacGillivray Ancient
MacGregor Red Modern
MacIntyre Hunting Modern
MacIver Muted
MacKay Ancient
MacKay Dutch Modern
MacKay Modern
MacKellar Modern
MacKenzie Muted
MacKinnon Hunting Modern
MacKinnon Red Modern
MacLachlan Modern
MacLaine Lochbuie Red Modern
MacLean Duart Hunting Ancient
MacLean Duart Modern
MacLellan Ancient
MacLeod of Harris Ancient
MacLeod of Lewis (Dress)
MacMillan Hunting
MacMillan Hunting ~ Old Colours
MacNab Modern
MacNeil Barra Ancient
MacNeil Barra Modern
MacPhail Muted
MacPhee Old Colours
MacPherson Dress Modern
MacPherson Hunting Modern
MacPherson Modern Red
MacRae Hunting Ancient
MacTavish Modern
Maple Leaf
Menzies Navy/White Modern
Modern MacPhee
Modern Red MacFarlane
Modern Red MacRae
Murray of Atholl Modern
Musselburgh Ancient
Napier Modern
Natural Serape
Nova Scotia
Old Ancient MacMillan
Pinecone Window Pane
Pride of the Clyde
Prince Charles Edward
Ramsay Blue
Ramsay Red
Red Menzies
Red Morrison Modern
Red Stewart
Renwick Ancient
Robertson Hunting Muted
Ross Hunting Old Colours
Royal Air Force
Royal Dornoch Tartan Driver Head Cover
Royal Dornoch Tartan Fairway Wood Head Cover
Royal Dornoch Tartan Hybrid Head Cover
Royal Lochnagar
Scotland's Lionheart
Scott - Black and White
Scott Green Modern
Shepherd - Guardian of the Sheep
Shiel Magenta
Sinclair Ancient Hunting
Sinclair Green Hunting
Sloan Square Peat
Sloan Square Steel
Spirit of Lotchian
Spirit of Scotland
Stevenson Modern
Stewart - Modern Dress
Stewart Blue Dress
Stewart Dress Muted
Stewart Hunting Muted
Stewart of Appin - Hunting Old Colours
Stirling Ancient
Strathclyde Blue Ancient
Strathspey Ancient
Sutherland Ancient
Thompson Blue Dress Modern
Thompson Dress Modern
Thompson Hunting Heritage OC
Thompson Modern Camel
Urquhart Modern
US Army
US Navy/Edzell
Wallace Red Modern
Wilson Ancient