The Sunday Bag - Black Harris Tweed


We present an addition to our Fescue Sunday Bag collection; The Black Harris Tweed Golf Bag.  The Black Harris Tweed is a hand woven Harris Tweed from the Outer Hebrides; woven in a black and grey herringbone pattern. Designed for use with all conditions that fescue may present. 


Pictured with Snowtrooper Driver and Black Cordura Goat Putter Cover


The Fescue Project bag is a free-flowing design that has evolved through hundreds of updates and changes since its first concept. Whether it's our golfers providing feedback through use, or our own experience, the bag we sell today is better than any bag we have constructed. Initially, we were drawn to the design table with the thought to create a product that suited our own needs.  Single strapped bags exist with the thought that walking and carrying is one way to find a wellness-based mindset that often accompanies the most joy the game can offer. Looking good is part of feeling good and thus we also needed a bag that complemented the covers we made and offered places to put exactly what we needed, and nothing else.


Golf Bags today are designed for every golfer. The Sunday Carry bag came about a long time ago when caddies would get Sunday's off. Golfers that take the risk to carry less than 14 clubs are players that know what clubs they need on the course, and exactly what to keep in the pockets.  A half-dozen balls are probably enough.  A smattering of tees and ball markers collected from the places you’ve been are really the only essentials, along with a few personal items. In Oregon, we have days that can range from 40 degrees and dewy at 7 am, to 70 degrees and slightly sweaty for the afternoon round.  Having a strap that doesn't absorb water is just as important as having a spot to stow a layering piece that can allow it to dry.


In this latest rendition, we have changed the way the zippered pocket functions and how much it can hold through a cargo pocket design. One of the things we wanted to do was improve the space within the bag for club grips. While the pocket continues to be secured by a Swiss-made RiRi Zipper, it now is constructed separately from the bag and includes gussets for ample space. By moving the pocket outside the bag's core construction, the bag can easily fit a full set. (We still recommend 12 or less.)

Far & Sure.