Oregon State "Benny the Beaver" Hybrid


The Oregon State University "Benny the Beaver" Hybrid is crafted from the highest-quality Pendleton® Woolen Mills melton with each school color featured on a single face. The soft exterior is divided between burnt orange and ink black faces with a vintage Benny head beautifully embroidered on the orange side. This particular Benny was inspired by the original OSU logo, which was first designed in 1951 by a former Disney illustrator. Each head cover is hand cut and sewn by our in-house artisans. The Oregon State University "Benny the Beaver" Hybrid is lined with black fleece. 

Available in DriverFairway, Hybrid, and Putter styles at this time. Also available in our Zippered Pouch. A Personalized Leather Label is available. On the label, we can inscribe your initials, name, or shape of choice.