MacPherson Modern Red Tartan Pouches


Ship Date: Ships in 3 weeks

 The MacPherson Modern Red tartan is predominately blue, green, and black with red, white, and yellow in the over plaid.  This tartan adds a variety of bright colors to a golfer's bag.  Available in Drawstring and Zippered versions.

The Drawstring Pouch is fleece lined in a complementary color for added protection.  It includes quality leather square cut cords which are sturdy for repeated use.  

The Zippered Pouch features the MacPherson Modern Red tartan and waxed canvas.  The interior includes a small pocket that can accommodate our 5 oz circular flask.

A personalized leather label is available.  On the label we can inscribe your initials, name, or shape of choice.

The MacPherson Modern Red tartan is also available in Driver, Fairway, and Hybrid head covers