Hand Forged® Sofa King Pure Ball Mark- Stainless Steel


Our newest metal; Stainless Steel. The Sofa King Pure ball mark is the latest addition to our hand crafted medals. Each Hand Forged® Ball Mark is made in Portland, Oregon, USA by a second generation blacksmith who learned the trade in his father’s shop. Designed by SEAMUS GOLF, each coin is heated to approximately 2200 degrees in a white-hot fire, the red hot metal is then shaped on an anvil like soft clay, using only the most ancient tools of the craft: hammers, chisels, punches, and the the hand of the blacksmith. Each ball mark is then sanded, buffed, and tumbled on an individual basis, and the results are a completely different and unique ball mark for each golfer. 


No personalization is available for this ball marker.




Ball Marks measure 1.5 inches in diameter.


Add to our Sofa King Pure set with a mask and custom bottle of hand sanitizer.