Red Stewart Tartan Alignment Stick Cover


The Red Stewart is predominately red with blue, yellow, and white in the over plaid. It is the most popular tartan ever. The Royal Stewart, as it is also known, is the best known tartan of the Royal House of Stewart and is also the personal tartan of Queen Elizabeth II.  It is appropriate for all subjects of Elizabeth II to sport the Royal Stewart tartan in as much the same way that clansmen may wear the tartan of their clan chief.  This also happens to be the selected tartan, as far as we can tell, for the presented Jacket prizes for the RBC Heritage and Colonial. In the 1970's, the Royal Stewart tartan became popular in punk fashion and slowly worked its way into more contemporary spaces of pop culture, rendering it as one of the most seen and popular tartans available. 

The alignment Stick Cover uses the same cloth as our Red Stewart Tartan Head Covers, but is tilted sideways and cut on the bias to reveal as much of the overplaid as possible for such a narrow strip of cloth.  Lined with heavy grade strapping material, the alignment stick cover has great structure and durability.

No personalization is available on alignment stick covers at this time.

Measures approximately 14" x 2"