• #2007 Nantucket Red Canvas
  • #2014 Natural Canvas
  • #4003 Toffee Leather

Scottish Spring

Anderson (Modern)

The Anderson (Modern) tartan is predominately muted sky blue with gold and scarlet in the overplaid, and pine and black detailing. It is a variation of an ancient Scottish tartan... Learn More

Ailsa Pink

A classic with a softer side, the Alisa Pink tartan features flamingo and jet black plaid over a cream back. The pink alternates between being solidly bold and lightly twilled... Learn More

Angus Muted

The Angus Muted pure wool tartan is mainly ultramarine in color with crimson and black in the over plaid. The muted color way creates an even-toned finish while maintaining the individuality of... Learn More

Strathclyde Blue Ancient

The Strathclyde Blue Ancient tartan is predominantly blue with black in the overplaid. Comes standard with light blue fleece lining. Available in Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, and Putter head cover sizes.... Learn More

Ancient Blue MacKay

 The Ancient Blue MacKay tartan is predominately blue with orange in the plaid. Available in Driver, Fairway, and Hybrid head covers. Also available in Drawstring Pouch and Zippered Pouch. A personalized leather... Learn More

Cape Breton

The Cape Brenton tartan is predominately green with yellow, ivory, and black in the over plaid. Available in Driver, Fairway, and Hybrid head covers.  Also available in Drawstring Pouch and... Learn More