Upon landing in the wondrous land of Orlando, Florida, we tasked ourselves with the most unlikely project imaginable: locating and procuring a vintage anvil on which we could personalize our Hand Forged® items at the PGA Merchandise Show.  Some internet research produced a seemingly questionable individual soliciting an early 1900’s Peter Wright anvil, tipping the scales at a decent 137 pounds. 

The meeting was set, not more than an hour north of the Orlando Airport and, rolling in our battle vehicle, we set forth to rendezvous at a storage facility in the dark. Shortly after our arrival we were greeted by a fellow in a white Aerostar, the anvil right inside the large sliding door. Alas, the transaction took place, and onward we headed to a small private event. Seamus golf anvil loaded up for PGA Merchandise Show

Once we saw the anvil the following morning in the light of day, we found it to be coated with some very gnarly black paint.  The only way to reveal it’s true patina was to take an angle grinder to it for about three hours in the garage of our rented condominium.

Cleaning the anvil for PGA Merchandise ShowAt the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show we were among the thousands of exhibitors peddling their wares to industry professionals. Armed with the largest, shiniest, and (likely) only anvil on the premises, our humble booth featured ball marker stamping, Jules Winnfield from “Pulp Fiction”, as well as our current and future launches on full display. The Show allowed us the opportunity to create new relationships, put faces to names, and re-connect with familiar faces from around the world.

Jules Winnfield at the Seamus Golf booth at the PGA Merchandise Show

After the conclusion of the final day, we hosted a special ball marking event in the bar/lobby of the Hyatt Regency (formerly known as the Peabody). In addition to establishing new relationships we were able to spend the evening with good friends and some of the earliest supporters of Seamus Golf.

On-site Hand Forged stamping event at the Orlando Hyatt Regency

At the event we debuted and hand-stamped a very limited, very organic, custom-run of Hand Forged® ball markers (featuring an inappropriate slogan). If you were unable to get your hands on one, we’ve decided to release a select amount, available in the link here.

Limited-run inappropriate ball mark that will never come back